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Application Developer-IBM Integration
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API Connect Admin Tasks: 1) Configurations using CMC - Organizations, Catalogs, Spaces, Authentication, Plans etc. 2) Managing RBAC and privileges. 3) User Management for development activities 4) Applying fixpacks & upgrade 5) Troubleshooting application connectivity 6) Creating & configuring TLS Profiles via APIM DataPower Admin Tasks 1) SSL Certificates Management 2) Domain management 3) WAF settings, Creating HTTP Handlers, Services etc. 4) Administration of DataPower containers in Azure Kubernetes environment - familiarity with kubectl commands 5) Firmware upgrades & applying fixpacks 6) Troubleshooting connectivity issues ELK Admin Tasks 1) Create indexes, mappings, search queries and perform analytics on Elasticsearch data 2) Create storage/search optimised schema/model for Elas
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3 to 5
APIC Admin