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UX/ UI: Front end developer.
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Job Description We have urgent opening of experienced UX/UI Front end developer Experience-: 7 – 9 yrs (Must) Joining location- Gurgaon Role-Permanent. Designation- Developer 1. Proficiency in HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript for rapid prototyping, WYSIWYG editors, along with the ability to code manually when necessary; 2. A working Knowledge of JavaScript libraries such as jQuery, nice to know ES6/ES2015, TypeScript; 3. Ability to develop responsive website by using CSS Frameworks (Bootstrap / Foundation..), know use CSS Components, Helper Classes, Grid System, Responsive Layout, and Javascript Widgets; 4. Nice to know CSS Precompilers: SASS / LESS; 5. Good to Know Javascript Framework - Angular / React, Unit Testing – Mocha / Jasmine / Karma; 6. Must have Proficiency and ability to design in – Photoshop, Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, GIMP, Adobe XD, Azure, Microsoft Visual Studio, 7. Knowledge of color theory, typography; 8. JSON; 9. Server-side language - Node.js / PHP / ASP /JSP ; 10. Knowledge of Database – DB2 / MySql / MongoDB; 11. Understand of developing for SEO; 12. Content Management System – IBM WCM / Drupal/ Wrodpress; 13. Experience working with version control system, such as Dimensions / Git; 14. Nice to know Mobile App Development; 15. Familiarity and working knowledge with Scrum, Kanban, JIRA, Confluence a plus. Skill (Keywords): 1. HTML5 , CSS 3, Java script, WYSI/ WYG editor along with manual coding, photoshop, illustrator, adobe indesign, GI MP, Adobe XD, Azuri, Microsoft visual studio, CSS Framewaork/ bootstrap, Note JS, php only
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7 to 9 Years
1. HTML5 , CSS 3, Java script, WYSI/ WYG editor ,photoshop, illustrator, adobe indesign, GI MP