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Packaged Application Enablement Specialist-Oracle.Banking Solutions
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Oracle Financial Services Enterprise Financial Performance Analytics (OFSEFPA) (Previously, Oracle Financial Services Profitability Analytics (OFSPA)) is a complete end-to end web-based Business Intelligence solution for generating and analyzing Financial and Management Report. It provides tools for data integration and includes customizable, pre-built dashboards and report, a reporting data model, and user friendly functional subject areas for ad-hoc reporting. The OFSEFPA is built using: *OFSAAI for ETL, Data Integration, and Cube Build activities. *OFIEE for Dashboard and Report activities. *Essbase 11.1.2 for multi-dimensional Cube storage. OFSEFPA 6.1 supports generating reports from both Relational Database and/or Essbase. Hence, Essbase is no longer a prerequisite for OFSEFPA.
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5 to 9 Years